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Customer relationship management Save money & increase sales

Our online customer relationship management system is a CRM that makes your business easier. Includes invoicing, loyalty points, bookings, email marketing, marketing tools, WhatsApp messaging & marketing and much more!

Manage your customers with our CRM System

Top 3 reasons to choose SkypexCRM as your system to manage your customers

All-in-One. Modular. Affordable & Unique.

  • All-in-One Core System

Our core system provides you with a centralised customer database. It is easy to use, has multi-user access, and with a starting price of Rp500,000/mth for unlimited users it is designed for small businesses.

Key features include:

  • hold customer data such as name, email address & WA number
  • add your own customer data that you wish to hold, making the system company-specific
  • manage your customers from an easy-to-use Customer Page with links to send an email and WA message
  • an optional parent-child structure allows you to hold group data if required

The system also has integrated  business functions:

    • Invoices & Payments with payments in multiple currencies, and Xendit integration for the Indonesian market
    • Loyalty Points & Tiers
    • Automated Emailing – add your favourite review site and increase your reviews!

There are also online reports that give you an overall health of your business with easy-to-find reports on revenue, retention, promotion success and more.

More than 1 Location? Our multi-location feature will allow all your locations to share 1 database, with the flexibility for each to have their own location-specific features such as users, invoice layout, payment terms, prices, etc.

Reduce your costs

Our integrated business  functions will save you money as you do not need the expense of many systems such as an Invoice System, an Email Marketing System,  an Online Booking System, etc. These systems often charge per user – we charge per company!

Increase your sales

Our SkypexCRM system contains an integrated set of automated emails such as Welcome/Thank You Email and Happy Birthday Email. These automated emails are some of the top emails that are recommended to send to help build brand awareness and loyalty among your customers.

The automated emails can be personalised with your customer data, and they are automatically sent out in the back ground without any intervention from you. 

Email marketing ROI produces a whopping 3600% return ($36 for every $1 spent). These statistics clearly indicate that a successful email marketing campaign can help businesses skyrocket ROI, generate qualified leads, and improve sales conversions.

Even better, you can add your favourite review site to the emails and increase your online reviews and increase your sales further!

  • Additional Modules for Extra Features

Make more use of your customer data by adding these additional modules:

  • Email Marketing – create/edit and send email marketing campaigns such as newsletters, announcements and special offers.
  • Online Booking – take online bookings with features including managing classes through a timetable; managing deposits, payments & confirmations; and managing resource allocation & payments due.

More modules are planned such as WhatsApp Marketing and Email Enquiry & Quotes!

  • Affordable and Unique

Unlike other CRM’s we price per company and NOT per user. Our feature-rich core system has a fixed price, and our additional modules are priced individually so you only pay for what you want.

There is no maximum number of users, and you can assign different users to have access to different modules.

Multi-Locations! We also support companies with multi-locations. Additional locations are easily added and they will all share the customer data, but each location can have its own users, product/service prices and even invoice layout.

No other system offers the integrated features that SkypexCRM has!

We compared SkypexCRM with equivalent packages in three of the top systems in the world –, Pipeline and Mailchimp. As you can see, these do not even come close to the features offered by SkypexCRM!

Increase your sales with SkypexCRM

CRM stands for customer relationship management, and the most important thing about any CRM is right there in the first word — it’s about customers. A CRM should help you understand your customers better, and it should help streamline a company’s processes for customer relationships.

It should also help you with insights into the health of your business through online reports, and improve your efficiency/ save you time & money. This is what SkypexCRM does. 

However SkypexCRM also helps you to increase your sales through Email Marketing.

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