Booking System in a Yoga Center - Managing bookings and staff salary

Booking System in a Yoga Center – Managing bookings and staff salary

Booking System in a Yoga Center - Managing bookings and staff salary

We focus on how SkypexCRM can be used as a Booking System in a Yoga Center, and how it can also manage staff salary.

This is part of our Use Cases that explore how typical businesses use SkypexCRM to help them manage their critical business functions.

Welcome to Yoga at Home

Using SkypexCRM in a Yoga Center

For our purposes we have created a fictional yoga center called Yoga at Home, and they offer the following:

  • Yoga Classes – 7 different types of classes (eg Ashtanga Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Breathwork, etc) that are either 1 or 2 hour duration, and can be booked up to the last minute. Each one is scheduled a few times every week at certain time-slots, and with different instructors.
  • Workshops – 5 workshops that are longer duration of 3-4 hours, and are run every month.
  • Massage Treatments – 5 types of massage is offered (eg Balinese Massage, Foot Reflexology,  etc) that can be booked anytime there is availability, for 60mins, 90mins and 2hours.
  • They have 1 studio that can be used for the classes & workshops, and 4 massage beds that can be used for the massage treatments.
  • They have 6 instructors/ therapists:
    • 4 full time instructors (including the 2 owners!) that work on a commission of Rp50,000 per student
    • 2 part-time instructors that provide the massage treatments, they work on a commission of 10% of the treatment booked – this encourages them to up-sell customers to the longer durations of 2hours (but in a nice way!)

Some of the Problems

With 12 classes/workshops and  5 types of massage treatments and 6 instructors/ therapists they are very busy, and have an average of 20 students on their classes/ workshops/ massage treatments every day. This does mean that they have alot of headaches such as:

  • Manually record attendees & instructors using spreadsheets – not very efficient!
  • Keeping all channels updated with any changes
  • Many enquiries for classes/workshops that are already full
  • Lost bookings with no-shows
  • Huge effort every month to get instructor salary correct

Yoga at Home uses the Booking Module to solve these problems with features including:

  • Classes Setup for the year with 1-click
  • Centralised online Timetable
  • Timetable accessed on websites and social media
  • Salary is auto-calculated

These are described below in more details.

Solution: Classes Setup for the year with 1-click

The Booking Module makes it easy to set up classes with 1-click.

From one screen you can:

  • select the class to schedule
  • select the room
  • select the instructor/resources
  • set the start time & date (the duration is set when the product was first set up)
  • select whether you want to create single or multiple scheduled sessions
    • if multiple sessions: select start date, end date, and day of the week to include (eg you can schedule every Mon, Wed & Fri, between 1 Feb – 30 April)
    • if single session: select start date only

If you do this for each class then you have your Timetable setup!

Solution: Centralised online Timetable

All system users who have access to the Booking Module can access the central Timetable, and this Timetable is updated in real-time with bookings & cancellations made by any system user.

  • Search – they can easily search for courses and check availability.
  • Booking – they can make a booking from this screen
    • Making a booking means issuing an invoice, and pressing a button will send an email template auto-sent to the customers email address with the invoice attached
  • Schedule – they can create a new schedule session (eg to add a massage treatment), and edit any session (eg change instructor or time)
  • Double-Booked – when they book a new scheduled session, the system gives an error message if the instructor is already booked on another session.

The Timetable is automatically updated with any bookings made by ANY system users, keeping it accurate at all time.

Multiple Views – the system users have full control of what they can see on the Timetable by using advanced filtering including class name, instructor, room, date and status. 

Select any class to get more details

Centralised Timetable of the Booking System - class details

Auto-Cancel Unpaid Bookings

The Auto-cancel is a great feature of SkypexCRM, and means that unpaid bookings are constantly being removed from the Timetable, allowing the space to be booked by another customer.

It works like this:

  • The system can be pre-configured with the number of days to wait  for payment before a booking is auto-cancelled, eg 3days
  • Any auto-cancelled bookings will allow the space to be released to be booked by another customer

The customer is kept informed at all times:

  • An email template is auto-sent to the customer to warn them a few days before that their booking will be cancelled soon.
  • Another email template is auto-sent to the customer to tell them that their booking has been cancelled.

Solution: Timetable Accessed on Website

The same Timetable that is edited by the system users is easily accessible on their website.

We have set up a special URL that you just need to copy to your website or your social media accounts for anyone to view.

By selecting a particluar class, your customers can view more details including:

  • Course Details –  click a course on the Timetable to get more details such as date, time, instructor and price.
  • Availability – easily see if there is any availability.
  • Book Now – easily send a WA message or email by clicking the Book Now button.

Your customers can also search the Timetable by using advanced filtering including class name, instructor, room, date and status. 

Select any class to get more details

Online Timetable - class details

Solution: Salary is automatically calculated

The salary of each instructor is automatically calculated based on their salary type. This means that managing & paying salary every month is amazingly easy:

1. Set up your Instructor details and salary type.

  • You can choose 3 salary types:
  1. Flat rate per student
  2. Flat rate per course
  3. Commission per student
  • Every class is assigned an instructor so that the salary for the instructor can be calculated when the class finishes.
  • When the class is finished it waits in a “Waiting to Finish” state, and its the job of Admin to “finish” each class on the system. Its only when the class is “Finished”  by Admin that the salary calculated for the instructor and add to the “Salary Due”. Having this manual “Finish” process means that the Admin can make last minute changes  to the class to allow for issues such as last-minute bookings and last-minute instructor changes. 
  • The Salary Due can be viewed at any time, and the booking details can be easily accessed.

Select the instructor to get more more details about salary:

2. Manage the Instructor payments.

  • Automatically produce Payment Advice from SkypexCRM to give to the instructor, with the amount they are owed.
  • Easily manage payments and check what is outstanding:
    • the Payment Slip is first produced and saved as “Pending”
    • all payments are made off-line (eg by bank transfer or cash)
    • when payment has been made the Payment Slip can be marked as “Paid”
  • With a click of a button, the Payment Slip can be printed and/or sent by email using the email templates.
  • The full history of Payments is kept on the system for every instructor. 

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