SkypexCRM Comparison

No other system offers such integrated features!

Our customer relationship system is the only system that integrates tools such as invoicing, loyalty points, bookings, email marketing, WhatsApp messaging and much more!

No other system offers the integrated features that SkypexCRM has!

We compared SkypexCRM with equivalent packages in three of the top systems in the world –, Pipeline and Mailchimp. As you can see, these do not even come close to the features offered by SkypexCRM!

SkypexCRM Pipeline Mailchimp
Price/mth for 5 Users
from $75/Rp1,000,000
from $40/Rp580,000
from $75/Rp1,000,000
from $59/Rp850,000
Number of Contacts
Customer Details
Family Structure/Related Accounts
Custom Fields
Multi-Level Permissions
Project Management
Customer File Upload
Invoices & Payments
Loyalty Points & Tiers
Email Campaigns
Customer Login
Marketing Tools
Online Bookings
WhatsApp Integration
Email Integration
Shared Inbox
Quotes & Pipeline